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I recommend you not to try AFKing using RuneScape

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MegaomgchenПятница, 9 октября 2020, 9:30

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Откуда: Megaomgchen

so that you have started a pure, a new character, or are simply too lazy to keep clicking monsters. Well this is the place for you. Please do not use car clickers to remain logged in, since it is contrary to the rules. Ok, so here's the specifics. North of this Lumbridge Castle is a practice facility, which offers dummies for ranged, melee, and magic. The melee and ranged dummies are somewhat useless, as they reward barely any exp. However, the magic ones reward complete dab exp, so firing strikes reward 11exp per strike. Since Mind runes and Air runes are relatively affordable, this makes leveling Magic relatively easy at this place for people who can not afford considerable sums Legislation Runes, and doesn't need anywhere near as much clicking.

So what you do, First get your magic to level 9. You can accomplish this in the dummies with lower leveled strike spells, or perform Witch's Potion and Imp Catcher quests. Second, get a fire team and Head and Air Conditioning runes. You will need double the amount of Air Runes as Mind Runes, so if you have 5k minds, you may need 10k airs. Thirdly, just head into the training area and strike a Mage Dummy. Not a lot of men and women are usually there, and every server may have 3 people there simultaneously.

All you've got to do is click the mouse move the camera once every 5 minutes, even though I recommend you not to try AFKing with this, as that will be contrary to the rules. If you're puzzled at why the dummies don't"die" it's because they return to full health after each assault, though you don't see it. Here's a brief video picture of my own character training here. Most folks like"slayer dart" for barrows. Even quite high lvl'd players are convinced that slayer dart is your very best way to do barrows. Now it may be better for YOU, because it fits your style of playing. You also might have high mage (85+) 90+ def and 80+ pray. Therefore you can do 342147219 chests a trip. Good for you, but melee is best for me.

Most people who do barrows are lower lvl then that, of course with worse stats and do it for cash. I have done barrows a lot over the previous 9 months of playing. I have fine melee stats and fine mage stats. I prefer melee. I take 3 de pots and 1 super collection. I will do 3-5 chests based on how the brothers hit. With slayer dart I can only do about 2 maybe 3 if I am blessed. May not be true for others.

Now the other thing is, why can it be believed that veracs is the only"worthwhile" melee technique? They work a lot better when I tried it using veracs. I barely got through one excursion with all the slow attack rate and reduced hits.

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